Highly competitive markets drive companies to search competitive advantages in extremely expensive communication campaigns or in risky business strategies, forgetting most of the time crucial aspects within their internal organization. Following this approach, it is crucial to have a clear and complete vision of activities and services running a company infrastructure. D'Arco, counting on twenty years of experience in the IT field, brings to the market a state-of-the-art solution. Such solution goes beyond standard monitoring and, being able to use IT measures on business processes, introduces Governance.

A common approach to processes, shared between IT and business functions, allows to quantify any infrastructure failure in monetary terms. Our solution aims to introduce a common "vocabulary" for IT and business operations, simplifying the solution of any infrastructure failure. Any process is represented in a unique view for all departments involved, showing the related impact of any problem.

The standard concept of hardware and software monitoring can be bypassed, creating added value for the organization. Creating common metrics and information flows for each process will allow any company to maintain its competitive advantages.