PathFind is an integrated system able to control any component:

- Business
- Application
- IT Infrastructure

Three levels of monitoring

- Map, high level view for IT and business users
- Monitoring Dashboard, for system administrators
- Helpdesk Dashboard, for HelpDesk users

A SERVICE in PathFind is a complex relationship made of hardware, base and application software components which all together mark out a business process.

Any service component is monitored by one or more AGENTS, analyzing the service component status and its life cycle.

PathFind can connect all states provided by the agents using rules written on the basis of logical Boolean operators.

Synoptic maps give real time information about how company services are working thanks to the integration of:

- IT infrastructure measures
  (memory, cpu, disk, network… utilization)

- Service behavior measures
  (response time, lead time, number of commit operations...)

- Business measures
  (number of contracts processed, transactions acquired, volumes purchased...)

PathFind allows to share information at any level, from the business user, who can judge and measure the service, to the HelpDesk operator who can route support activities in a more effective manner.

Any component is represented in a graphical form.
Traffic lights and thresholds are used to display the real time state of any service or its components.

Pathfind Map, represents in a very intuitive way all service components, their correlation and state.

Pathfind Map, through a Drill Down function, allows users to detect the cause of an alert.

Mobile interface for

Apple IOS,
Windows mobile